Download Web Fonts

Web Fonts For Joomla 3

Web Fonts for Joomla 3 is now available in a commercial version with support and updates. Check it out here.


Support is not offered for the Web Fonts extension because it is freely available to you and, as such, we will not respond to emails regarding helping set it up or the vagaries of your hosting configuration.  However, if you believe that you have discovered a bug you can submit an issue on GitHub here.

Instructions and Documentation

You absolutely have to have web development skills to use the extension because you assign CSS selectors to fonts in order to give them "pretty" font faces.  A quick way to get up to speed is to watch the screencast.

Two Packages

There are two extensions that need to be installed: the component and the plugin.  Once you've installed the plugin, make sure and enable it.

Download the component
Download the plugin