5 Years In Business

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A paddle with a panther on the front and a rabbit on the back

The above image is the first payment I received as a freelancer.  A family friend, Joe Fortner, carved this oar for me in exchange for designing and building a website for him showcasing his totem poles (www.totem-poles.org).  The oar is from the movie, The Edge.  On the front of the oar is a panther and on the back is a rabbit smoking a pipe because it knows that it's smarter than the panther.  Though I built Joe's site as a student five and a half years ago, today is the actual five year mark for the bluebridgedev.com domain name and when I started my first for dollars project.  Here's to another 5 years helping people build solutions online (I'm raising my coffee cup. :) )

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John is the owner and lead developer of Blue Bridge.  He's contributed to the Joomla project as a JCM author, JUG team leader, and a bug squasher.  In his spare time, he loves to write and read, advance his development and business knowledge, play video games, boulder, and spend time with his girlfriend and their dog Sunny.
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