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Last year, I wrote a blog post about the importance of professionalism in working with developers. Reflecting on that post recently got me thinking about the movie "The Professional," about a freelance assassin. I realized that there are likely a lot of similarities between hiring a hitman and hiring Joomla developers. In both cases, you're looking to work with a gun for hire that you don't have any previous experience with. Because of this, it makes the screening process critical.

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Have you ever seen a motorcycle with a sidecar?  By attaching a little car to the side of a motorcycle, you get the benefits of the motorcycle's size and open air travel and the benefits of a car's long distance comfort.  Many site owners choose to do something similar by running Joomla and WordPress simultaneously.  They want Joomla's flexibility and power in addition to WordPress's wonderful blogging capability.  However, running these applications in tandem introduces several issues and, for a number of reasons, I recommend against using both systems together.

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Predictability is expensive.  For example, a Lexus will cost you more than your average American car, but with a consistently high reliability score that increases with each new version, it makes the higher price justifiable for many consumers (And the Lexus owners who can't remember the name of their mechanic would attest to that!)

Of course, being expensive doesn't always translate into providing more value. But when it comes to providing predictable, stable, results, I'd argue that the benefit is worth the cost.  It's expensive to deal with irregular work that breaks as often as it works.  If predictability is so valuable however, why don't more Joomla development companies focus on it?

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